Monday, January 9, 2017

History lives in your own words

There are a lot of reasons I'm thinking about my family's history these days -- deaths in the family, a family member with increasing dementia, and my own approaching "milestone" birthday. In preparing for an oral history class I'm teaching soon, I discovered an app called Legacy Stories.

Too many people worry themselves with documentary-worthy lighting and cinematography when it comes to what should just be a simple recording of oral history. It doesn't take anything fancy to record a voice and a story. That's what I like about Legacy Stories. You can add a video or a simple photograph. The photo aspect is the part I love mosed! Upload the photo, push record, and tell the story of the photo. The oral history saves into your account and you can share it with other family members who are also on the site. It also provides a link you can embed to lead others to it. I immediately signed up for the basic -- and FREE -- account.

I hope you'll give Legacy Stories a look online or on through the app on your smartphone/device. It's so important to preserve stories for future generations, because in every family and in every community, every voice matters.

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